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10 vintage selfies from the 1800s

IBNLive has an interesting collection of 10 self portraits from the 1800s. The featured image is a #selfie by amateur chemist and #photography enthusiast #robert cornelius (1809-1893) from Philadelphia, and is believed to be the world’s first ever selfie.

#self portrait #daguerreotype by Antoine Francois Jean Claudet (1797-1867). After learning about the daguerreotype process from #louis daguerre

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Portrait of a Woman - Self Portraits By Stacy Michelle Frett

Portrait of a Woman – Self Portraits By Stacy Michelle Frett

Artist Enrichment 2013 Grantee: Stacy Michelle Frett (Murray): $1,000.00 to encourage her to create photographic self-portraits that convey her strength and beauty as a modern woman. This will help build her confidence as a feminist artist and presenter. The artwork will inspire women to feel at ease with themselves, their sexuality and their artistic potential.

“Creating portraits seems to be a…

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Fascinated with these self portrait gifs… 


Self with paper on the head.

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Self portrait about coffee


This is getting out of hand.

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Self with paper on the head.

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I missed a day so I’m making up for yesterday by posting two. Enjoy. 

Top: 02/365 

Bottom: 03/365 

"The attention to these details, is what keeps me going." 

Lately I’ve been wrestling with my thoughts and the the people around me. I told myself this year I want to be a good version of myself. I want to be able to keep up with relationships that I am currently not present in. I want to be honest, I want to be bold. Taking those steps brings stability to me, and there’s something about what I’m feeling that will bring me the courage to get up everyday to face the beginning of new experiences.